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Project Arrow is advancing the future of automobiles

Project Arrow, backed by its many Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) partners, a few universities and the Governments of Canada ...
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Fly True: Project Arrow prototype debuts at APMA Annual Conference on Oct. 19

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) will showcase a prototype of the famous Project Arrow prototype at its annual conference ...
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The Arrow Project is coming to Fruition

Now everything is falling into place and the project is moving forward,” reports Colin Dhillon, Chief Technical Officer at the ...
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Importance of Innovation in the Automotive Industry in Canada

An interview between Peter Watkins, Chief Operating Officer of QA Consultants and Colin Singh Dhillon, Chief Technical Officer for the ...
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Meet Project Arrow: An Innovative EV Project That is Going to Change Canada’s Auto Economy

The way we drive is changing. As more Canadians gravitate towards electric vehicles, the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, or APMA, ...
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Y Media Exclusive: The Three Houses, A Journey to a Better Life

Y Media Exclusive: The Three Houses, A Journey to a Better Life - Author Kulbir Colin Singh Dhillon ...
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Electric car booster, author and proud immigrant Canadian

Colin Dhillon is heavily involved in a cutting-edge, Canadian-made vehicle. He is also busy telling his story in a combination ...
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WM Forum 2021, 21 October

The Role of Digital Technologies in the Circular Economy: Best Practices from manufacturers Representatives from the industry will discuss about ...
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